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Making IT, web, software & video that’s right for you.

We are a computing & video production company based in the Black Country, UK.

Whether you are a business or an individual working from home, we can deliver straightforward, secure & reliable solutions to save you time, money & headaches.

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Katy and Dan

Get in touch with Katy & Dan for a free chat about how we can help you.

IT consultancy

Network cables
  • We listen and really try to understand what you need.
  • We can advise, plan, design and configure systems which are right for you.
  • Specialist in Linux and open-source software solutions.

IT support

  • Troubleshooting: getting your IT working and optimising your setup.
  • Cyber security: advice and help securing your systems and protecting your data.
  • System administration specialising in Linux and open-source.

Web development

Spider's web
  • Help with domain registration, DNS configuration and hosting providers.
  • Static or dynamic websites, web applications and web APIs tailored to your needs.
  • Content Management Systems including Backdrop & Drupal.

Software development

Computer code
  • Bespoke design & development of reliable, secure and easy-to-use software.
  • Legacy code modification & maintenance.
  • Multiple languages including: Rust, Python, PHP, JavaScript, WASM.

Video production

Camera lenses

Let us tell your story and engage your audience! With a strong track record in making warm-hearted, compelling documentaries for all the major UK broadcasters we are now keen to bring this sensibility into corporate video production.